Purchasing Amerock Cabinet Hardware

Shopping for Amerock cabinet hardware is a lot of fun, and you will definitely have some very high quality cabinet hardware after the process is complete. Amerock cabinet hardware has been around for many years, and the quality of the products makes it very easy to see why so many people have been turning to this manufacturer for their cabinet hardware. Amerock cabinet hardware is very stylish, and many people enjoy the unique options that are available through the manufacturer.


Amerock is a part of a larger company called Newell Rubbermaid. The company has been making hardware for cabinets for many years. Amerock Cabinet Hardware includes many lines of pieces that fall under various trademarks. Abstractions and Heritage Brass are among the most popular Amerock lines. Some other well-known lines that are manufactured by Amerock include Evolutions, Natural Elegance, Colors, Expresions, and Inspirations. All of the pieces in each of these trademarked lines share a common theme or design.

Where to Buy Amerock Cabinet Hardware

Many retailers, both online and in stores, carry Amerock cabinet hardware. The manufacturer offers many different styles and colors. It separates all of its products into various categories, including the cup pull, which is like a small half-cup shape. Other common categories from Amerock include finger pulls, knobs, and backplates.

Anyone who decides to choose Amerock hardware for their cabinets may feel like the choice will be a very difficult one simply because of the many different varieties offered by the manufacturer. However, keeping some of these things in mind as you shop will help make the decisions easier.

Made of Brass

One of the most important things to note is the fact that most pieces from Amerock are made of brass. The pieces include many different colors, including regular brass, silver, and black, but the pieces themselves are still all brass. Making the hardware pieces out of brass makes for higher durability. Brass is one metal that will last for a very long time, and the company tends to strive for solid brass, which further increases the durability.

Many Styles to Choose From

Style is another consideration to make when thinking about Amerock cabinet hardware. There are so many styles available from this manufacturer that selecting one that will match your home should be no problem. The manufacturer makes classic and elegant looks, along with antique or modern looks. It simply is a matter of deciding what will go best with your kitchen and your personality. Many of the styles offered from Amerock favor the darker colors and styles, although there are a few that offer a more polished look.

When selecting a style for your hardware, just remember to match the style of the room you already have. Think about the cabinets and how they look, and then try to picture what the best hardware would look like. Remember that adding hardware is like adding jewelry to your favorite outfit. It has to look great and it has to work for the overall style you are trying to portray.


Purchasing hardware for a kitchen can get to be quite expensive, so it does help to have a little knowledge of about how much Amerock charges for its pieces. Most of the pieces from Amerock cost less than $10 each, with the average price being right around $5 or $6. Hardware from many other manufacturers does tend to cost less than Amerock, but it does not carry the trusted Amerock name. The manufacturer’s hardware can often be found in designer kitchens. Also Amerock protects all of its pieces with a lifetime guarantee against defects.